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Celebrate International Day of Friendship with Better-Together Foods

peanut butter and jelly cartoon

Across the globe, friends are sharing memories, laughs, and hugs to celebrate International Day of Friendship. And when we say “international” – we mean it! From India to Argentina, Brazil to Peru, and the United States to Finland, International Day of Friendship is meant to celebrate friendship worldwide. The holiday was declared on July 30,…

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Your National Chicken Wing Day Recipe Collection

chicken wings

Do you see that, about to round the corner? There’s a holiday rapidly approaching, and we’ve got our wet-naps at the ready. Behold – it’s National Chicken Wing Day! Celebrated annually on July 29, National Chicken Wing Day is a celebration for Americans nationwide. And really, Americans are not afraid to show their love of…

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You Don’t Have to be a Chef to Celebrate Culinarians Day!

woman celebrating culinarians day

Here’s the sad truth: You can adore the Food Network, love browsing the grocery store, and stalk Pinterest for new recipes (give us a follow over there if you haven’t already!), and still be a terrible cook. We know – it’s not for lack of trying! But, cooking is a delicate art that not all of…

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National Junk Food Day (The Basket Way)

junk food in bowls

Fellow junk food lovers rejoice! We have a day to revel in all the sugar, empty calories, and bad-for-you goodness we could imagine: It’s National Junk Food Day! In case you were unaware of this majestic holiday, National Junk Food Day occurs every July 21 to the delight of every salty and sweet fan out there. While…

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Perfect Picnics on a Budget for National Picnic Month

family on a budget picnic

July kicks off the start of National Picnic Month. With endless amounts of sunshine, longer days, and mild nights, what better time to gather friends and family and enjoy a meal in the great outdoors? Whether you head to a local park, the beach, or even your own backyard, a picnic is the time to…

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Celebrate National Blueberry Month with a New Recipe Each Week

bucket of blueberries

In July of 2003, the United States Department of Agriculture officially proclaimed July as National Blueberry Month in the United States! So, what does that mean? That you should celebrate by doubling, tripling, even quadrupling your typical blueberry consumption this month! But, we understand that even though these delicious, poppable berries are a scrumptious treat,…

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How to Observe National Eat Your Beans Day the Basket Way

bowls of beans for national eat beans day

Beans, beans, the magical fruit! The more you eat, the more you — well, you know the rest. As a savory BBQ side dish, blended into creamy perfection, or topping a loaded burrito, beans are one of the most versatile foods. Not only can they easily be incorporated into a variety of dishes, but they’re…

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How to Stay Cool during the Longest Day of Summer

We like to think of Summer Solstice as the tipping point of the seasons. In science-speak, Summer Solstice is when the Northern Hemisphere receives more daylight than any other day of the year. In easier to understand lingo, Summer Solstice is simply the longest day of the entire year on this side of the planet,…

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Le Vie en Rose: Discovering if Rose Petals are Edible for Rose Month

rose recipes

Did you know that June is National Rose Month? While this might be conjuring up thoughts of rose petals delicately strewn across silk pillowcases and trails of petals leading to a perfectly clean kitchen (what? you can’t say the thought of a clean house isn’t romantic), that’s not exactly what we were thinking. Actually, we…

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Our Favorite Pull-Apart Foods to Celebrate National Accordion Month

pull apart cinnamon buns

Ready for some awesome news you can use? June is National Accordion Month! Why is this important? Because aside from the totally rad accordion-playing peeps that are celebrating this month, some of our favorite, most drool-worthy recipes mimic the art of the accordion. We’re talking about pull-apart foods. Foods that only really release their goodness…

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Celebrating Dairy Month with Dairy GIFs You’ll Have a Cow Over

Cow celebrating National Dairy Month with flower crown

Basket co-founder and president @AndyEllwood recently tweeted a poll asking users if, “Some occasions/life moments just can’t be summarized with a GIF.” Whereas 67% of people answered true, we’re not ashamed to say that we voted for false. So, when it came time to celebrate National Dairy Month this June, we figured what a better time to…

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Point of Purchase: What, Where, & Why

The point of purchase (POP) is where the consumer meets a product. This is where a shopper finally gets to interact with the actual item that can fulfill their need. At the point of purchase, consumers make a purchase decision based on packaging, pricing, impression, and more. Regardless of where it is within the store,…

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Breaking Down the Components of CPG Retail Sales Data

In our last post, we mentioned that between the awareness of a need and the point of sale during a typical CPG customer’s journey, the point of purchase plays the largest role in a consumer’s decision-making process. However, at first glance the point of purchase (POP) and the point of sale (POS) may appear very…

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Customizing Your CPG Brand’s Customer Journey

In our last post, we walked through the typical CPG customer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Experience and Advocacy. Understanding this journey helps manufacturers know how they can influence their consumers to increase sales. Now, it’s time to help you customize and curate the experience you want your own customers to have throughout their journey. Let’s…

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Understanding the Typical CPG Customer Journey

Currently, in-store purchasing decisions made at grocery stores are at an all-time high. This can lead some brands to assume that, for consumers, the purchasing process has been condensed to merely see-it, want-it, buy-it. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, a shopper’s customer journey can start long before they reach…

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Staples You Should Never Take Off Your Grocery List

Woman reading grocery list on smartphone

Each shopper has a different method when they head to the grocery store. Some weave in and out of the aisles, and some head straight for the first item on their grocery list. However much shopper strategy might vary, there is something most consumers have in common: about 80% of the items on people’s grocery…

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What’s in Season? February Foods to Keep Your Fridge Fresh

Woman holding an apple looking into an open refrigerator

Are you keeping your fridge fresh? We don’t mean baking-soda-in-the-back-corner fresh. We mean stocked with high-quality, seasonal fruits and veggies that add a fresh bite to your meals. Over at Basket, we try swapping out our go-to produce choices for in-season picks. And while February might be the shortest month, it certainly has no shortage…

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Grocery Hacks Post: Sales Flyer Hacks to Live By

Man observing sales coupon in the grocery store

We’ve all been there: You enter the grocery store and a dazzling flyer emblazoned with SALE! catches your attention. Your adrenaline starts pumping. You dig your feet into the ground, and tighten your grip on the handlebar of your cart. It’s game time. This is what you were made to do. But, time out ref. Before you rev…

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Inside the Mind of a Grocery Shopper

A female shopper walks through a grocery store

On an average day, 32 million Americans head to the grocery store to pick up necessities. Each shopper will visit the store an average of 1.5 times a week, racking up over 40 minutes each trip. In total, American shoppers spend 53 hours per year in the grocery store. As a brand, it’s important that…

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Scoring a Touchdown with Game Day Savings

T-minus three days until the Big Game. If you’ll be hosting a viewing party for the Big Game, snacks will absolutely be expected. After all, how will you keep guests fueled throughout halftime dance parties, nail-biting tackles, and fumbles in the fourth-quarter without snacks? While football is obviously the star this Sunday, we all know…

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Grocery Shopping Hacks: Keeping Cool When the Supermarket Is Swamped

Crowded grocery store aisle

While late nights, early mornings, and Wednesday afternoons are actually the three best times to shop for groceries, sometimes scheduling your shopping trips to align with a smaller crowd is simply unrealistic. And when the supermarket is at its most swamped – midday on weekends and between 4 and 6 p.m. on weekdays – is…

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Make Your Match: Complementary Product Placement

Shelves of granola products at the grocery store

The right product placement can make or break any product, and this is true for any retail industry – particularly the fast-moving consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Product placement can influence the shopping and buying behaviors of consumers. In fact, the location of a product and what is located next to it can be the…

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Adding Seasonal Flavors to Spruce Up Your Favorite Dishes for Winter

Festive gingerbread man cookie with winter scarf and hot chocolate

Drinking hot cocoa next to the Christmas tree in your favorite pajamas. Lighting the menorah while the rugelach bakes. Building a gingerbread house while sipping on warm mulled wine. Even the thought of these cozy flavors warms you from the inside out. As the temperature drops nationwide, our favorite foods become warmer, spicier, and more…

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Top Trending Coupon Tips and Hacks

Grocery shopper using the Basket app to find sales

The world of savings can be a savage place if you’re not prepared. Between the lingo, the cashiers who are sick of scanning coupons, and the way your ‘buy one-get one’ coupon always vanishes by the time you get to check out, it can get intense. It’s our mission to streamline the savings process as…

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Basket Budget Menu: New Year’s Eve 2018 Edition

Group of friends celebrating New Years Eve with food and drinks

With the days of 2018 dwindling, the team at Basket is getting fired up for 2019. A fresh start for more savings, better budgeting, and a slew of brand new recipes, we’re ready to ring in 2019 with a bang. So, of course, we bring to you the New Year’s Eve Basket Budget Menu –…

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Veg Out: Fresh Foods for New Year’s Resolutions

Couple cooking healthy foods together

Come January it seems like “lose weight,” “get in shape,” or “eat healthier” are at the top of just about everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. And while the Lean Cuisine meals and Special K cereals may conveniently go on major sale this time of year, here at Basket we believe in the power of fresh foods….

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How To: Brunch on a Budget

Table full of affordable brunch foods

In 2018, there is not a meal more trendy than brunch. Not breakfast, not lunch, but brunch: The in-between meal during which it’s socially acceptable to add eggs or avocado to anything. Plus, down it with a mimosa. Here at Basket, we’ve been big brunch fans for years. So if you ask us, everyone is a…

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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes, Hacks, and Expiration Dates

Sandwich with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce

Thanksgiving is one of those times when you can eat your entire body weight on Thursday, and still go back for seconds and thirds on Friday. Between the turkey, the sides, and the decadent desserts, most families recycle Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch, dinner, and late night snacks well into the weekend. Repurposed for sandwiches, soups,…

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Do NOT Pass the Turkey Please, It’s Too Expensive

CPG brand reviewing Thanksgiving pricing data sourced by Basket Insights.

Did you know that the average Thanksgiving basket price across the country rose 5.08% versus one year ago? If we were to then ask you which region drove this growth, would you know? What about your product? Would you know the actual price increase of your own product during Thanksgiving? No, not the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), the actual price at shelf: what your…

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Basket Budget Menu: Thanksgiving Edition

Family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner cooked on a budget.

As we all gather around the dinner table this Thursday, we’ll say our thanks for the things in life that we hold most dear: our friends, our family, and our good health. If you’re Team Basket, you’ll also say a big thank you for our community of smart shoppers, grocery store price comparison, and for…

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Can We Tell How Many Kids You Have Based on Your Grocery List?

young child in grocery shopping cart

When you hit the grocery store, do you leave with your body weight in groceries? We’ve been there. When you add in shopping for the tiny or not-so-tiny-anymore humans in your life, you’ll be amazed just how much those mouths can eat. Add that to your larger, adult-sized appetite and you’ll realize your cart gets…

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Wild Card Recipe Ingredients We Didn’t Expect

couple making unexpected recipes

Cooking is a delicate art. A teaspoon too much salt could disrupt the dish, and a 1/4 cup of water could be the difference between a creamy or runny sauce. When you’re trying a new dish for the first time, chances are you’re copying the recipe to the letter. But, have you ever been gathering…

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Life Hack: The Ultimate Navigation Guide for Grocery Store Savings

woman saving on groceries

When you’re on a budget – and a time constraint – the super market can feel like one giant maze. You crisscross from one side to another, practically develop frostbite in the frozen food aisle (twice!), and completely forget what you ultimately came shopping for in the first place. Not to mention, you get suckered…

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We Asked and You Answered: Poll Results Revealed

two students on their phone reading poll results

Basket is a community built by shoppers, for shoppers. Every member of our savings-savvy family comes equipped with a unique insight on how to score some serious savings at the grocery store. That’s why we like to ask your opinion on things: because your insights give us a deeper glimpse into how you like to…

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Can We Tell Where You’re From Based on Your Breakfast?

breakfast spread

You know what they say: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is like a universal language – no matter who or where you are, starting the day with a good meal sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. Not to mention the boost of energy and brain power…

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Splurge with Your Basket Savings: HOT Finds for Summer

family barbecuing food

If you’re part of our Basket Squad, chances are you like to save money. But, even the most die-hard penny pinchers deserve to treat themselves from time to time! Using Basket, our users are able to save hundreds of dollars each year. When summer hits and the weather warms up, take this as an opportunity…

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What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You

cheese assortment

If you ask us, cheese is one of the best things on Earth. The beauty of nature, saving lots of money on groceries, the birth of your first child – all are great. But, cheese? Yeah, it’s pretty up there. Did you know there are over 1,800 types of cheese, created in 74 countries around…

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Sharing Pricing is Good for Everyone

digital food and beverage gathering

With an ever-changing grocery industry, brands and retailers alike are fighting harder to win over shoppers.  So, it is with particular pride to take part in industry events and share how Basket is leading the change — with real-time insights and transparency on pricing, powered by the largest community of grocery shoppers in the world….

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Stock Up on Storm Staples during Storm Season

lightining over a city

When Mother Nature comes knocking, you better hope that the pantry is full. As storm season threatens to wreak havoc upon our homes and neighborhoods, we’ve also seen what it can do to grocery store shelves. Taking a trip to food shop after a storm has been announced typically looks like this: Bread aisle: Empty….

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What Your Favorite Fruit Says About You

collection of assorted fruits

Here at Basket, it’s pretty obvious that we love heavy carbs, decadent dairy, and lush sweets. But, we know that the key to a balanced diet (and Shopping List!) is to include delicious fruits and veggies too. So, what better time to honor some of our favorite produce than during National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable…

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How to Achieve a ‘Basket’ Load of Success

Basket Savings Summit

Do groundbreaking ideas start out that way? Or are there lessons learned, tests conducted and evolved strategies that steer an idea to phenomenal success? We pondered this as Basket board member Jeff Webber addressed the entire Basket team recently at an offsite summit. Webber has more than 20 years of experience as a successful tech…

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When to Stock Up for Biggest Savings

I’m sure we can all think of times of year when shopping is a downright nightmare (Black Friday, we’re looking at you). However, there are lesser-known times when you’ll want to stock up for the best sales. Looking forward to scoring great deals year round? We’ve got you covered. 1. January January marks the beginning…

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How to Handle Family Dinners on a Single’s Budget

family making dinner

Ah, single life – you can heat up a microwavable pizza, a cup of ramen noodles, even toast a bagel and be full, without breaking what’s in your budget. But, how do you handle a family dinner when your budget is still on single-mode? Don’t panic, here at Basket we’ve learned a trick or two…

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Capture the Sunset in Your Dishes for Capture the Sunset Week

a colorful sunset and palm trees

The third week of July is special: It’s Capture the Sunset Week! As the mellow calm of summer seeps in, this is the perfect time to admire the many colors of the sunset. From vivid oranges to vibrant pinks, deep purples and streaks of red, sunsets are a magnificent sight. While Capture the Sunset Week…

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Stop Everything: It’s Mac and Cheese Day

mac and cheese

Every year, there’s one day in particular that the Basket team just cannot wait for. You might guess that we’re referring to our birthdays, or a company anniversary. But, if you read the title for this blog you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about: Mac and Cheese Day! Yes, July 14 is National Mac and…

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What Your Favorite Type of French Fry Says about You

basket of different types of french fries

There’s a plethora of reasons to love potatoes: they’re low in calories and high in nutrients, you can make alcohol with them, and – best of all – they give us french fries! While we love a creamy mashed potato, a roasted garlic potato, and a good old fashioned baked potato, nothing quite compares to…

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The Future of Grocery, in Two Contrasting Experiences

grocery store comparison with amazongo

Grocery is so hot right now. Just a year after Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, the fight to own the future of one of the largest consumer industries is just getting started. Having been working to innovate on behalf for shoppers for the past five years, I’ve seen a lot change in the industry over…

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Do You Know How Much These Grocery Items Will Total?

woman checking out at the grocery store

There is nothing worse than being blindsided by your grocery total. All too often shoppers check off the items on their grocery list and head to the cashier, totally unaware of how much their groceries will cost them. This typically leads to a lot of confusion once their total has been announced, and sometimes, shoppers…

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America Heats Up Its BBQ Basket Battle

burger and bbq items+

O say can you see … the grocery savings for the Independence Day barbecue, all across the land of the free and the home of the brave? That’s right, throughout America the grocery lists have been made and the shopping trips are about to begin. Bring on the hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and buns. Get…

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Fourth of July Celebration Basket Budget Menu

july fourth party spread of cups and sodas

The Fourth of July: The day when We The People fire up the grill, pop fireworks, and gather together with our friends and family to celebrate our Independence. With most of us planning a get together or BBQ of some sort, we figured Basket would help out with the most expensive aspect: the food. Luckily,…

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Behind the Growing Basket Force

basket team

We’re growing — and fast! Today, Basket announced that it hired a new head of our shopper community as well as leads in finance, sales, and engineering. That means our start-up has doubled in size in just two months, and is racing to expand its grocery platform, making it even easier and faster to compare…

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These Are the Awesome Basket Dads

father day dad with son

Can they build the largest community of grocery shoppers in the world and still prioritize time for family? “YES!” Did you know that Basket was founded and built by a dad? As a parent of three buying diapers, our CEO Neil Kataria wondered if he was getting the best savings ordering items online from Amazon…

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Grab a Spoon for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

chocolate ice cream in a bowl

Here are the top 3 cities in America to find chocolate ice cream at the cheapest prices.  Calling all certified chocoholics! National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is Thursday, June 7 (#ChocolateIceCreamDay to see frozen deliciousness from around the country!). Want to get your two scoops at home and finish up with an Instagram-worthy chocolate mustache? The Basket…

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Dive into National Doughnut Day Deliciousness


Can’t score free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day? Basket has the next best thing. Donut you know? June 1 is National Doughnut Day! Go ahead and let your inner doughnut-loving dork out and indulge in some of that delicious fried dough confection. There’s free doughnut give-aways all over the country. Local bakeries and chains such as…

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Basket Budget Menus: Memorial Day BBQ in a Pinch

bbq hamburger and chips

What a better way to welcome summer than by whipping up a bunch of tasty dishes with friends and family. Memorial Day is a time when the temperatures are rising, delicious fruits and veggies are coming into season, and sales are popping up left and right. If you’re throwing a Memorial Day get-together, you don’t…

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Behind the Scenes at the ‘STEVE’ Show with Steve Harvey

behind the scenes with steve harvey

From eyeing the bourbon BBQ chicken wings to singing ‘Hey Steve’ piano tunes – Basket Co-founder Andy Ellwood breaks down the “hilarious,” “unreal” and “so fun” moments from the ‘STEVE’ show.  All last week, the Basket app was featured on the STEVE Show with Steve Harvey. For five days straight, Chef Lawrence Page, the star of…

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STEVE Show Special Guests: Basket!

steve tv show logo

Can you guess who’s going to be on the STEVE show with Steve Harvey? That’s right, these guys! When to Tune In: Basket is going to be an exclusive guest on the Daytime Emmy award winning television show, STEVE! And not just for one show – for FIVE! Tune into STEVE on your local network…

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